Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Maze Game & Flappy Bird Codes

Task: Complete the task that you have been given and submit it, once you have finished.

The types of blocks and codes that I used in the games was directions and repeats. For the Maze & Flappy Bird Game presentation, there was a button called "When run or When click" this meant that you needed to add another block beneath it, to make the character move by the way it's been coded. The blocks and codes that I used in the games were - Directions & Repeats. You needed to use any blocks that suited you.

For the Flappy Bird Game presentation, there were blocks called "Set scenes, set player, set the gravity of the ground and the normal gap. When the button has been clicked, set everything for your chosen character like sounds, flapping noise, and the wing sound. Something's that included the obstacle and when passing, you could score a point. When hitting an obstacle or the ground, you end the game.

The blocks and codes enabled me to complete the levels, as well as understanding the basics of coding and how to do them. At first, when I started, it was really hard, along the way, I managed to get the hang of coding and what to do. What I have learned from this exercise was how to code properly and how to code a proper game, I also learned how to be able to use all the blocks and codings, as well as how the game is properly coded.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Existing Murals

Walt: Make a presentation about the existence of existing murals that are around the world.

Our task was to make another presentation about existing murals and to research them for our learning about our work. But also being able to write about them and to research as much as we can about them and the types of paintings or why the images are needed. Another reason is why mural paintings are on hard surfaces or mostly found on the walls. Then we had to answer the question about where is the mural and why it is placed there. The last research we had to do was about the type of paint that is used to paint murals.

Concept Ideas

Walt: Create a presentation of all your concept ideas that you've made.

Our task was to create a presentation and make some ideas of all of your drawings that you've made from your Graphics Class. It was all about the concept ideas and what we have been working on during these last few days. Once we have finished, we had to get another blank sheet of paper to finalize our ideas and to show what we've had been working on.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Meeting with Client

Walt: Create a blog post about meeting with a client and their answers for a mural design on the wall.

What's your favorite color?
Purple, Green & Blue

What do you like?

Watching Iron Man films and eating chocolate.

What theme interests you?

I would like you to combine the fact that food and graphics are taught in the building. The wall is opposite the creek so maybe use natural shapes and images could work.

How big does the mural have to be?

It needs to fill most of the wall at the end of the T9 and T10 building.

Who inspired you to become a graphics teacher?

Weta workshop and art by Vincent Van Gogh

What's your favourite art/painting?

Painting Wise - Kandinsky

Is there a certain design you would like on the wall?

You could use all the pictures or you could combine some words too. Make sure the words are clear and readable. Not sentences, just words.

What patterns would you like us to use?

Cultural patterns would look good with a natural image.

Would you like us to include the school name or logo/emblem on the design?

You can if you like, but you don't have too.

What activities gon on in your classroom?
For graphics, it is - Drawing, Painting, Making 3D models, 3D printing and Laser cutting. Also for Cooking it is - Boiling, Cooking, Oven, Rolling out, Mixing, Measuring, Frying & Baking.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Option P.E Class

Walt: What level did you play and explain your reasons why?

What was your level last week?
The level that I've played during our games last week was Level 3.

Why were you at that level?
Only because I respect everybody in the team and that I played honest and fair. If I made a mistake, I would admit to it and play by how the rules are laid out. Whenever the teacher is not around or not paying attention, I'll play independently without the teacher not looking.

What do you need to do to be a higher level than you are now?
I have to be able to work with everyone independently but to also compliment and encourage others to try their best. Always take care of the types of equipment and to ask but also provide assistance to teachers and other students. But to also be concerned with the progress of others.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Social Responsibility

Walt: Explaining in your own definition of what Social Responsibility means to you.

What does Social Responsibility mean to you?
Attitudes and Values that can support students in making responsible decisions about behaviours and involving in physical education and health and in their lives beyond school. Values are like being able to accept some things and the way we act. Behaviours are the way we react to the problem or argument.

What level did you display throughout the game & why?
I think I'm Level 3 for self-responsibility because I showed respect to all my teammates and I was honest as well as fair and played by the rules. I would admit my mistake and I'll apologise for any of my mistakes. But I'll also work on activities independently of teachers.

How could you improve your skills for the next lesson?
I can improve my skills by aiming to have a good attitude towards all of the sports and being able to show my values as well as behave in class.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Reflections of Exams

Walt: Write a reflection about how you felt before/after your exams.

Before the exam, I felt pretty good before all of my exams. I wasn't as confident as I thought I was. When I was at home, I only studied for a little while, but at the same time, I was kind of nervous because of the exams. My fear of not studying so much for our exams was to think positive and to overcome myself from thinking nervous.

During the exam, I started to feel alright with the questions being asked. I was nervous at first, the questions we needed to answer, I was prepared for all of them. During our exams, I showed my RISE values. After our exams, I felt like I wrote enough for our exam. I also know that I did enough to get at least a merit or an excellence. 

My time in Social Studies have been fun and I enjoyed each and every one of our classes together. My favourite highlight was everything, so I didn't have anything in particular. Everything amazed me and I found things really interesting.